FASTER CHARGING ON THE GO –  We’re proud to introduce our new mode 3 typ 2 EV charging cable BEAM, delivering the same high quality as RAY but tailored for public charging.

BEAM is compatible with tens of thousands of charging stations all over Europe and combines ease of use with flexibility and style to make a perfect travel companion, wherever you’re going.


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Charge Amps specializes in your everyday needs for normal charging at home, at the office, or on the road. We believe that the most user-friendly and convenient way to charge your car is with a standard AC socket, whenever and wherever your car is parked. It doesn’t get any easier. Plug in to the green revolution — right here, right now.

CHARGE AMPS SOLUTIONS – A Product Range for Tomorrow’s Needs

A goal has been set that, by the year 2030, there will be over one million electric cars on the road in Sweden. If you’re reading this, you’ll most likely be driving one. And it’s extremely important that charging your EV or Hybrid is reliable, efficient, and easy, no matter where life takes you. Charge Amps provides a range of the most intelligent and user-friendly charging products on the market. Our product line is truly scalable and future-proof. Charge Amps – in charge of tomorrow.



Simply put, RAY is a cable for charging your EV or Hybrid, but there is nothing simple about it. RAY is specifically designed to be your smart, reliable travel companion, getting you where you need to be. RAY is probably the most efficient, trustworthy, and hassle-free portable charging system in the world today. Born from a fusion of technology and design, RAY is everything you could need and want in a charger, made easy, streamlined, and attractive.

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If you own an EV or a hybrid, you will sometimes use charging stations that are not equipped with a standard socket. Instead you’ll find a Type 2 outlet without a fixed cable. That’s when you’ll be happy you packed your BEAM. Charge Amps has developed the most user-friendly Type 2 cable on the market. BEAM is the most efficient, reliable Type 2 solution you can get your hands on, and it is everything you could hope for in a charger. Just like it’s supposed to be.

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Nine out of ten drivers charge their EV or Hybrid at home or at work. When charging, it is important that you have good oversight and full control over the process. This means that a smart, reliable, efficient charging station is something that you should always prioritize as an EV owner. Charge Amps’ intelligent, trustworthy, and durable charging station, HALO Wallbox™, gives you exactly that.

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Meet Charge Amps at eMOVE360 in Munich.

News · 2017.09.25

Please meet Charge Amps in Hall C2 Stand 117 A and we will tell you more about our charging technology. October 17-19, 2017, Messe München

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Elegant, fast, flexible and Swedish - Welcome BEAM

News · 2017.09.14

Charge Amps is excited to announce the launch of BEAM, our new charge cable. BEAM is a Mode 3 Type 2 cable that is primarily used to charge at one of the many thousands of charge stations located throughout Europe. Just as with all other Charge Amps products, the focus is on usability and design.

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A Reliable Partner

News · 2017.02.20

​We know that 90-95% of all charging takes place at home or at work. This means that a good, reliable charging station is something that should be a priority for all electric car owners.

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Welcome Future, Hello RAY!

News · 2017.02.16

With the smarter, more user friendly RAY, Charge-Amps introduces the most efficient, reliable and hassle free charging solution to date.

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Pontus Frohde – New CEO of Charge Amps

Press release · 2017.01.23

​The board of directors has decided to appoint Mr Pontus Frohde as the new CEO of Charge Amps AB, effective as of 1 February 2017. Current CEO Mrs Charlotte Eisner will assume a role within business development and sales at Charge Amps AB.

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Charge Amps goes UK

Press release · 2016.12.06

Charge Amps are proud to announce that HALO Wallbox™ is approved by the UK Government.

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Innovation; a key to future growth!

News · 2016.11.30

​Today Charge Amps is talking green tech and e-mobility with the President of Poland, Mr Marcus Wallenberg and other reps from Swedish Industry.

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World premiere for RAY cable!

Press release · 2016.09.20

Charge Amps awaited sequel to the successful SPARK charging cable is a whole new type of charging cable in terms of both form and function. RAY has an entirely new design language signed industrial designer J. Nordwall for Koenigsegg Sports Cars. Ray follows the Charge Amps tradition of developing safe, reliable and attractive solutions for electric vehicle charging for the global market.

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Made For Scandinavia

Press release · 2016.09.03

Norwegian producer Metrisk AS cooperates with renowned Otto Wöhr GmbH, who has been the no1 leading act in developing automatic parking systems, APS for more than 60 years. Now the updated version of the APS is introduced in northern Europe, and it includes an EV and PHEV charging solution i order to facilitate the need for sustainable parking premises.

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Meet Charge Amps at Ekobygg in Oslo

News · 2016.08.15

Meet Swedish EV Charging Manufacturer Charge Amps at the Eco Fair in Oslo, at Telenor Arena on September 28th and 29th.

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Charge Amps hypothesis confirmed

Press release · 2016.06.20

On behalf of Swedish green-tech company Charge Amps, an electro engineer student at the Ångström Laboratory of Uppsala University has written a master's thesis of 30 academic points on the topic "Electric Car Charging in and adjacent to residential properties". The aim was to examine how to vigorously expand charging infrastructure in residential and office buildings.

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Charge Amps at the Foreign Ministry of Sweden

News · 2016.06.01

In order to act on the global climate agreement, the Swedish Government and the Foreign Ministry invited environment and tech journalists from all continents to learn more about the Swedish Green Tech scene.

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Charge Amps, next Swedish success story?

Press release · 2016.05.02

As Swedish business magazine ´Veckans Affärer´ picks the future success companies, Swedish Green Tech/ Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment producer Charge Amps is nominated as the next potential success story among Swedish companies.

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Mekonomen Group choose Charge Amps as EVSE-supplier

Press release · 2016.03.23

Mekonomen Group has signed an agreement with Swedish Charge Amps regarding charging equipment for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. This means that SPARK Cool Grey initially is available at BilXtra, Mekonomen and MECA.

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Fortum Charge & Drive and Swedish company Charge Amps in new partnership – aims to become leader on the Nordic market for destination charging

Press release · 2016.02.16

​Both Fortum Charge & Drive and Charge Amps have a long experience of charging solutions in the Nordic market focusing on the Norwegian market with nearly 80 000 EVs. Together they have now created Charge & Drive @home, a complete solution for destination charging suitable for both the commercial property owners and the individual house owner.

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Say Hello to Holland

News · 2016.01.13

When the Dutch technology company Brammer Friesland BV wanted to install charging boxes for its fleet of electric cars the only choice was the HALO Wallbox ™ from Swedish Charge Amps.

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