Question everything

We founded Charge Amps to make a change. This is the beginning of a true, green revolution; the greatest change in the history of the car. And the change is coming faster than most of us can even imagine. Today, we are setting the standards of tomorrow. Fossil fuels and traditional cars will soon be a thing of the past. Revolution made easy!


When you go to work creating the future, the possibilities are limitless. In imagining a new dawn for the car as we know it, we have to change the way people view their cars and uproot behaviors planted back in our childhoods. We must question everything, from old truths to our own wild ideas. And we must answer the most important question of them all — how do I want to live in the future?

Charge Amps is based on equal parts of mechatronics, innovative design, usability, and a deep understanding of the supply chain. Simply put, we create smarter charging solutions with our customers’ best interests at heart. We want EV charging to be cheaper, simpler, cleaner, and massively more convenient than all other alternatives. And then we’re moving on to our next goal.

Sure, there are some clouds on the horizon, but there is also a wave of positive change in environmental awareness and innovation in the field. And we’re a part of that. We’re not just ready to be a part of the wave of change, we have already begun!

Right now we are in the perfect position. We’re ready as the world is changing and the tipping point is near. There are more and more EVs to choose from, prices are dropping fast, and new legislation for company cars will change the market forever. In short, the future is as bright as the sun –the very same sun whose rays will soon be powering all our cars.


We’ve set our goal — to make a real, lasting, sustainable change in the world. And to do that, we need muscles! That’s why we’ve set our sights on becoming Sweden’s next large industrial company. We develop and assemble our products in Sweden. From a developer perspective, this is a fantastic opportunity. Both Swedish design and technology are well known throughout the world, and Sweden’s demanding climate puts our products to the toughest of tests. But to make a real difference, we need a global perspective. That’s why we’re reaching out to partners and influencers all over the world, creating a community of the brightest and most driven visionaries dedicated to change. Charge Amps – Born in Sweden, changing the world!

We still believe in the car

That feeling of freedom that you get behind the wheels in front of an open road… That´s not something we want to take away from you. We choose to work together with the car industry to turn the EV market into the default choice of car owning, instead of a niche for the most dedicated. Clever, right?

I think that innovative companies that facilitate a greener lifestyle will be key drivers in creating a better environment. I like that and I love being a part of this process”
– Joachim Nordwall
Sportscar designer of Koeniggsegg and designer of Ray

3 short questions to top designer Joachim Nordwall who gives his opinion on how good design can help to promote environmentally friendly consumption and behavior.

How important is design in terms of clean-tech products?
– New technologies are very important but often invisible to the user. If one can not actually see the smart technology, you can at least try to communicate it’s advantages or it’s uniqueness in the design.

You can for example choose to highlight an ECO friendly feature on a washing machine. Such as a large ECO button, in order to invite the user to select that button instead of the other more energy consuming programs


How can smart design and technology make us change our habits?
-The challenge that we face after having polluted the earth requires that we change our old habits and invent new technologies. It can be simple things like the primary focus on designing the stairs instead of the elevators in a new building. To overcome the dilemma of people choosing the old dirty product over an ECO product, so it is often due to lack of function or design of the ECO product. Many prefer the old classic light bulb because of the light instead of an LED lamp, as well as gasoline or diesel engines to avoid range anxiety, etc. Tesla (and even to some extent BMW) tries to tackle the problem by making great cars that have almost the same range gasoline and diesel cars achieve and the cars are convenient to recharge.


You have designed the charging cable RAY. Tell us about the work.
– With the new cable RAY Charge Amps makes it even easier to recharge an electric car. Ray, which has a brand new expression in both design and function, is provided with a so-called pebble grip.The handle is more reminiscent of a plug than gasoline handle, and is easier to manipulate which makes it more user-friendly. Furthermore, RAY comes in different colours so you can either select a matching color to the car or your favourite color.

At last; What consumer product is, because of its clever design, your personal favorite?
– I think SPORK for Light My Fire is the best one just because it is democratic, everyone understands how it works. SPORK is a combined fork, knife and spoon that has sold over 30 million copies


If you’re going to change the world you can’t stay inside the office. Research and development are obviously a large and important part of our daily work, but we also have to reach out. We work politically to influence and create opportunities for the entire green tech sector. Cooperating with politicians can make a real and lasting difference, by helping society change behaviors and through passing greener legislation. We want to unite the private and the public sector in a common goal to create a sustainable future. A better future must involve all of us.


We also feel it’s our responsibility to inform and educate everyday citizens, helping them to make informed choices about their future and the future of our planet. As part of our work, we have the opportunity to talk to car salesmen, electricians, real estate owners, and anyone with a driver’s license (and even those without), conveying our most important message — the time to act is now. We have to act now! Let’s make it easy to opt out of using fossil fuels and to start driving electric.


There’s a tidal wave coming. The market will explode and the demand for EV charging products will be enormous in just a couple of years. We know this, and we’re ready. We need a secure and sustainable supply chain, which is why we’ve chosen to focus our research, development and production to Sweden. We believe we gain a strong, competitive edge in keeping our partners close.

Charge Amps aims to keep and expand our local knowledge and create new work opportunities in this fast-expanding market. Combining a Swedish industrial tradition with modern innovation gives us the confidence and the edge we need to succeed against global competition.

Sweden is a country at the forefront of sustainable industrial production. Our products have a minimal impact on the environment, from production to transport. All of the aluminum we use is recycled, and soon our plastic parts will be too. We’re saving the planet, in any way we can.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember about charging your EV is the actual process itself. You won’t have to go to the gas station ever again and that is a fundamental change that we rarely discuss. So let’s do just that. Did you know that most people have less than a 50 kilometer commute to and from work? This means the reach of an EV or Hybrid is more than enough. When you drive an old-fashioned carbon car, you have to take a detour to the gas station to fill it. It’s inconvenient and time consuming. How does this change with Charge Amps? Your garage or workplace becomes the new ”gas station”. When you’re in front of your office computer or at home sleeping in your bed, your EV is recharging its batteries, so it’s always fully charged and ready to go.


Our engineers and designers drive electric cars and hybrids themselves. This means that we have first-hand experience with both the upsides and the obstacles of owning an EV. In addition, we listen to our customers to understand what matters to you. Then we develop the solutions that solve real everyday problems and actual needs. That way we know our solutions will make charging easier, smarter, and more reliable. Visions born from reality. Finally, by developing all of our products ourselves from scratch, we’re able to think outside the box and create more user-friendly solutions than those currently on the market.


Charge Amps’ solutions will play an important role in the current shift towards a sustainable world, where fossil fuel dependency is a thing of the past. It is a huge task and no man is an island. That’s why we are proud to align our efforts with others who share our vision of a better tomorrow.

We know that we won’t drive our EVs alone on the road to success.

Everyday we rely on our partnerships. Together we are insuring that we keep our innovative edge, our political momentum, and our reliable manufacturing process. Making the right decisions has never been more important than it is today. We only have one Earth and now we’re at the crossroads. But there is really only one way to go, and that’s electric.

Fortum Charge & Drive have long experience of EV charging in the Nordic market. With its’ cloud service, they are market leaders with a substantial network of fast chargers in Norway, Sweden and Finland, together with advanced solutions for charging data, support and customer service. At Fortum Charge & Drive’s
charging stations, you can be sure of that you always get 100% renewable and CO2 free electricity. In collaboration with Fortum, Charge Amps will offer a complete destination charging solution. Together we are Charge&Drive @home.

Power Circle is the industry associasion of the electric power industry. One of the strengths of this organization is that large and small actors alike, within different sections of the field, all contribute to a sustainable society development through products and services related to electricity. Power Circle is the organization that coordinates different actions within e-mobility and sustainability. As a partner company of Power Circle, Charge Amps are able to contribute with new perspectives, fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge.

We want to work in close collaboration with the automobile industry to make the electronic vehicles the default choice for car owning. One example is the success of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This is the most popular super environment car in Sweden thanks to its’ unique combination of 4WD and large trunk, while still giving you the opportunity to conduct your everyday driving on electric charging. By adding smart and reliable charging equipment, we simplify the transition to fossil fuel free driving together.

The mission of 2030-sekretariatet is to make sure that Sweden has a fossil fuels independent transport sector by the year 2030.
2030-sekretariatet was established by the think tank Fores, with contributing partners from within the transportation- and fuels sectors as partners. As a partner, Charge Amps are in a position to influence the political decisionmakers, within Sweden and the rest of the European Union.