Charging made easy

With RAY, Charge Amps introduces the most efficient, reliable, and hassle-free charging solution on the market to date. RAY features a standard plug for your wall socket (Schuko), which means that you can charge your EV anywhere, at home or on the road. And while RAY is the most lightweight cable on the market, it’s still filled with the most powerful and innovative charging solutions available today, designed to provide for your everyday charging needs. Say hello to the future!


RAY was created with you in mind; super user-friendly and always reliable, RAY is charging made easy. The first thing you will notice with RAY is the world-class design by Joachim Nordwall, co-designer at Koenigsegg. Nordwall set out to create an entirely innovative expression — in both design as well as in function. Next, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by RAY’s extremely lightweight design and ergonomic pebble grip. The shape makes it easy to get a firm grip, which makes it easy to plug in – no need for large hands or a forceful grip. And during the dark hours of a winter day, simply turn on the built-in flashlight to find your way to the socket. It could not be any simpler.

RAY offers lots of smart design and inventive details. RAY’s plug comes with silver-plated pins that are adjustable, ensuring you always get a snug fit in the socket. The innovative sloped design, with a 78 degree angle, guarantees the plug will fit in all standard outlets (Schuko), even when there is a lack of space. Sometimes the little things make a big difference.

Tech specs

Cable length 7,5 m
Charging 6-16 A
Voltage 100-240 V
Plug Schuko
Weight < 2 KG
IP code IP66
Light Flashlight
Car connector Type 2
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Meet the future in style

Complementing the sleek industrial design of RAY is our intuitive touch display. The display delivers vital information to your fingertips, while allowing you to manually adjust the amperage setting to your liking.

RAY isn’t just the lightest cable on the market, it’s loaded with new and innovative tech solutions that take everyday charging to a whole new level. The brain of RAY is located 30 cm from the plug, and it’s truly the smartest control box on the market. It’s what’s inside this small box that makes all the difference.

Inside the control box for a EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) for Mode 2, you’ll find all the safety and control electronics that work both as interpreter and airbag between the circuits in your house and your car. That means, simply put, a thorough and smartly controlled managed charging. RAY is intelligent, reliable, and elegant.


You depend on your car, and your car depends on reliable charging. Providing you with trustworthy charging is of the utmost importance to us here at Charge Amps. That’s why RAY comes with a number of features that guarantee secure and trustworthy charging.


RAY features a built in heat sensor that reacts and adapts to heat coming from the wall socket. If there is any risk of overheating, RAY automatically reduces the current but keeps on charging, whereas other devices would simply shut down.


RAY automatically adapts to your car’s needs, but you also have the option to freely adjust the amount of power while charging. RAY is the only charge cable on the market that lets you charge anywhere between 6A and 16A, in order to match the outlet you’re using. The convenience of this flexibility is invaluable for trips near and far. RAY solves your charging needs no matter where you are. A 6A outlet makes it possible for you to charge at the summer cottage, on the ferry home, and of course in your own garage. It’s especially helpful when you know an outlet has a weak current or when you don’t know the outlet’s capacity.


Is it important for a charging cable to have a memory? The answer is: yes, very! RAY has built-in memory, so it remembers if the latest current was 10A or below. This guarantees you won’t overcharge the charging point by mistake. As an extra safety precaution, you have to make an active choice to use a higher current the next time. RAY never lets you blow a fuse!


In the event of a power shortage, RAY automatically begins charging again when power is restored. So you know you’ll always get where you’re going.

A smart tip: if you have the opportunity to use a 16A-outlet, it could reduce the charging time by up to 40% compared to lower voltage. Which is perfect when you’re in a hurry.


Made in Sweden, RAY is built and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and all kinds of harsh weather. RAY has a IP66-rating, which is a higher safety rating than the electronic products you use every day in your bathroom.

We take advantage of the fact that Charge Amps engineers and designers live far up north where the climate is tough – we know how much nature takes it’s toll. Made in Sweden, RAY is built and tested to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and extreme temperatures, all the way down to -30℃. The result is a durable cable with a IP66 classification, which means it’s more able to endure damp than the electronics used in your bathroom; in fact, it can even be washed with a high-pressure cleaners.


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