Charging made easy

Starting today, consider fossil fuels a thing of the past. And while you are at it, bid Adieu to the high cost, low efficient charging solutions of today.
Say hello to the future!

With the smarter, more user friendly RAY, Charge-Amps introduces the most efficient, reliable and hassle free charging solution to date.

Born in the fusion of technology and design, RAY is everything you need and want in a charger, made simple and attractive. As it should be.

Explore RAY!

With the introduction of RAY, Charge Amps puts the user in full control. Bursting with new and smart technology, in a design that takes charging into the future. From the seemingly easy solutions of adding a built in flash light to guide your way in the dark, to the complex security measures that works, but does not show. RAY is the smallest and lightest cable to date. Smartness!

Tech specs

Cable length 7,5 m
Charging 6-16 A
Voltage 100-240 V
Plug Schuko
Weight < 2 KG
IP code IP66
Light Flashlight
Car connector Type 2
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In charge everywhere

RAY has the smallest control box on the market, located 30 cm from the outlet, to be able to break the power before the cable touches the ground as a safety precaution. The power electronics are found in the control box.

RAY has a temperature sensor connected to the wall to automatically reduce the charging capacity in the event of overheating. This gives you safe and reliable EV charging. With RAY you have the option to choose the amount of power supply to charge with, from 6 to 16A, in order to adapt to the outlet you are using. This flexibility should not be underestimated on a trip, as RAY solves your charging need, no matter where you are. By enabling 6A charging, you have the possibility of charging everywhere, no matter where you are located. At the summer cottage, on the ferry, or in your garage. In outlets designed for 16A continuous load, the charging time can be reduced by 40% compared to your standard charger.
RAY is built and tested to withstand extreme temperatures; moisture and physical damage. It is IP66-rated and uses anti-theft functions.

Meet the future in style

Smart design works best when it is hardly noticeable at all. This goes especially with green tech products. With this in mind, Koenigsegg co-designer Joachim Nordwall, set out to create a whole new expression – in both design as well as in function. The result is named RAY. With its pebble grip, RAY is the most functional and user friendly charging solution on the market to date. It will be avalible in several different colors so you may pick your favorite or simply match it with your car. Stylish!


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