HALO Wallbox


Reliability is the essence of EV charging. A smart, trustworthy, and efficient charging station is something every EV or hybrid owner should prioritize. HALO Wallbox™ is Charge Amps’ compact and durable charging station. Together with our cloud service my.charge.space, it provides you with vital information and gives you total control of your everyday charging. You can trust that your car is always in safe hands.

HALO Wallbox™ comes equipped with either a Type 1 or 2 cable. An attached cable lets you charge your car without having to pull a cable from your trunk every single time, which you’ll see is a major time-saving convenience. The fixed cable is easy to switch should you decide to change to a car that uses a different type of cable.


Why do you need the HALO Wallbox™ at home? Because it makes your life easier. The HALO Wallbox™ sports all the necessary features for green, efficient, low-cost home charging, made easy.

With HALO Wallbox™ on the wall in your garage you will never again have to pull out a charging cable from your trunk, you just simply plug it in. The attached cable is long enough to reach no matter how you park and you only need to plug it in at one end. This may not seem like a significant feature, but when you finally get home, loaded down with four grocery bags and a couple of hungry kids in the backseat, you’ll want to go through as few extra motions as possible. And for your convenience, once you plug it in, the LED lights on the box indicate that your car is charging.


The HALO Wallbox™ also features an extra socket so you can easily plug in a car heater, charge another car with a portable cable, or plug in the lawnmower.


When you decide to get an EV or hybrid it’s important to know if your house can handle the voltage and that the electrics are properly installed. An Installed HALO Wallbox™ is proof that your house is ready and prepared for charging an EV or Hybrid. Installation of a HALO Wallbox™ is done by an authorized electrician and that ensures that the electricity in your home is properly installed and that your house has the capability to charge your car. With this knowledge, you are guaranteed there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.


Are you responsible for multiple charge points, perhaps for a large company or residential block? HALO Wallbox™ is the perfect choice for both small and large setups. The HALO Wallbox™ is a scalable, reliable, future-proof charging ecosystem for more than one car. Our cloud service, my.charge.space, makes it easy for you as an admin to efficiently track, monitor, and account for different users’ individual charging on numerous charging units.

To get the most efficient charging for more than one car, you should use three-phase current. It’s easier to balance, gentler on the building’s electricity infrastructure, and charges the car up to three times faster.

When you need to charge more than one car, one of the major advantages with HALO Wallbox™ becomes obvious: load balancing. Load balancing is possible when using more than one HALO Wallbox™ running on a regular three-phase current and when the boxes are connected to my.charge.space. Meaning that the electricity will be distributed equally, so that every car will get a maximum possible output depending on the number of cars plugged in. You can rest assured that every employee or resident’s car will have been charged to go as many miles as possible.


Another essential reliability feature of HALO Wallbox™ is that, in case of a power shortage, it automatically resumes charging as soon as the power returns. As an admin, you can rest assured that the installed boxes have done their job so that you will be spared from making unnecessary support calls and incurring expensive consultant costs.

To fully take advantage of this optimal future-secure solution, you should set up a three-phase power solution as it is a requirement for load balancing to work and, as an added bonus, is more gentle on the building’s electricity system.

Tech specs

Cable length 5,5 m
Charging 6-16 A
Voltage 100-240 V
Plug Schuko
Weight 4 KG
IP code IP66
Light Flashlight
Car connector Typ 1,
Typ 2
Power metering
Charge App
Online Controlled
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Built to last

HALO Wallbox™ is designed in Sweden, so we are well aware of what it means to be exposed to extreme weather and heavy winds. Built and tested to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture and physical damage, it easily scored an IP66-rating. HALO Wallbox™ is available in 3.6 kW and will soon be available in 7,2 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. The box is also equipped with an extra built-in 16A Schuko outlet, i.e. an ordinary wall socket.


It goes without saying that we strive to be as green as possible throughout the entire process, from the initial design idea all the way to the finished product.

HALO Wallbox™ is designed and assembled in Sweden from recycled aluminum. (We’re working on getting recycled plastic too). All of our suppliers and partners are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified. HALO Wallbox™ is lightweight and easy to both install and clean. We practise what we preach!



HALO Wallbox™ can easily be installed by a professional electrician and, if the electricity is already in place, installation usually takes less than an hour. When done on a larger scale – for example, at a company or apartment building – you can plan on about an hour to install each individual box. And just like that, your co-workers or neighbors are all set to start charging. And remember, a HALO Wallbox™ installed by an authorized electrician demonstrates that the electricity is properly installed and confirms that the building has the capacity to charge a large number of EV or Hybrid cars.


Connect your HALO Wallbox™ to our cloud service, my.charge.space, to take full control of your charging. Start monitoring power consumption, set timers so that you only charge when the price is right, and ensure that the electricity comes from the most environmentally-friendly sources. On top of that you can lock your box when you’re not around, preventing unauthorized persons from charging. As an admin in charge of several charging points, my.charge.space is your key to practical and cost efficient charging.

Of course you can use your HALO Wallbox™ without being connected, but you’ll miss out on some really handy features. Read more about my.charge.space here.