First things first, start by connecting your new Charge Amps product to our cloud service Once connected, you’ll enter into a whole new world of possibilities for optimizing your charging. The cloud service also provides our team at Charge Amps with vital information on how your Halo Wallbox™ is performing. We’ll upgrade the box with the latest software for you without you even noticing, just like all the other smart products in your home. Welcome to, a natural addition to your smart home.


Simply put, all the controls for your HALO Wallbox™ are located in the cloud. The basic version of our cloud service,, contains all the functions you’ll need as a private user. It allows you to easily set up conditions to start and stop your charging sessions; it’s possible to set the timer so you only charge when conditions are optimal for both your wallet and the environment. On top of that you can remotely lock and unlock your box and the extra socket as well as access your personal charging history, displayed in kWh.


If you are the admin for more than one charging station, our customizable cloud service gives you complete control and an unequalled overview of all charging activities. As an admin, you can efficiently track, monitor, and account for each individual user. There is also the possibility to unlock a number of smart additional functions, such as load balancing, optimizing charging for more than one car, and locking charging stations with a personalized RFID keycard.

When you upgrade from the free version, you unlock several innovative key features. You’ll get full access to the RFID keycard functions and the essential load-balancing features. As an admin you can allocate different levels of access to different employees or tenants, giving you a clear view of every individual’s charging. Choose the easy and accessible RFID solution for existing key cards to give you an extra level of overview and safety, today we use the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A solution.


Charge Amps is at the forefront of developing techniques for load balancing, which makes charging an entire car park just as easy as charging single vehicles. But what does load balancing really mean? When there’s a need for charging more than one EV or Hybrid in one location, load balancing is essential. Load balancing optimizes the output to each individual vehicle, dividing the accessible power in the most efficient way. Every user knows there will always be enough power to go around, and that their EVs will be fully charged at the end of the day.


To optimize the effect when charging for each individual vehicle you will need so-called dynamic load balancing. This gives you the opportunity to use all available effect as efficiently as possible, all of the time. Working load balancing requires three-phase electrical current in the building and in the cloud. There are two other options: a single-phase charger (3,7 kWh) connected to three phases or a three-phase charger (11 or 22 kWh) connected to three phases. When a car is connected to any one of the charging stations, in the first alternative, the phase with the least loading is chosen. Other chargers that may charge from the same current automatically lower their loading needs. In the second alternative all of the phases load with equal power, so there is no need to choose phase, the available power is equally distributed to all chargers on all phases. Of course, you’re free to ask us which one is the most suitable alternative for your changing needs – whether for today or tomorrow.


Monitoring individual power use is never a problem when HALO Wallbox™ is connected to Even if there are several different cars charging, using different currents over course of the day, you can easily monitor and supervise each individual’s charge-history. Efficient load balancing goes hand in hand with easy monitoring of the buildings’ and individual users’ energy consumption.

To future-proof your investment and prepare for tomorrow, make sure you have a three-phase current in the walls. This will guarantee your future charging needs.


We couldn’t be more proud of our cloud service, and this is still just the beginning. Our open API allows for different partners to receive, send, and use selected data from our system, making smarter, more user- and future-friendly.

If there is a need to use an open standard, for instance when integrating with many different types of charging stations, we support OCPP 1.6 (JSON).

Today supports the OCPP 1.6 standard. As a client, you can rest assured that will give you the best possible cloud solutions regarding charging and the highest level of reliability. It’s getting cloudier as we speak.