FASTER CHARGING ON THE GO –  We’re proud to introduce our new mode 3 typ 2 EV charging cable BEAM, delivering the same high quality as RAY but tailored for public charging.

BEAM is compatible with tens of thousands of charging stations all over Europe and combines ease of use with flexibility and style to make a perfect travel companion, wherever you’re going.

Mekonomen is exclusive retailer to BEAM.


Charge your EV on the go with BEAM. At Charge Amps, we believe that the smartest time to charge your car is during the hours when it would already be parked anyway. But we know that sometimes you need a reliable friend for the road and that’s BEAM.

The EV charging infrastructure is expanding all over Europe with a unified standard being put in place for all new public charging stations, known as Mode 3 Type 2. Charging with a Mode 3 Type 2 cable is in line with this expanding European standard (EN 61851-1).


Many stations have a fixed cable, so it’s simple to plug in as usual. But not all stations provide what you need – when a station lacks that cable, that’s when you need BEAM. BEAM comes with a Type 2 plug-in. One end for connecting to the station and either a Type 1 or Type 2 for your car. Most EVs and hybrids today ship with a heavy, bulky cable for standard Schuko outlets. These standard cables are not connectable to most public charging points. If you’re planning to use public charge stations, BEAM is an absolute necessity. BEAM and RAY together ensure that you are able to charge your car anytime, anywhere!